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Ep 16: How to use PINTEREST to grow your business!

Feb 06, 2020

Who knew that Pinterest could be such an awesome way to get FREE visibility for your business? I did not realize what a big deal it was until I met and worked with my wonderful guest Joanne Wetzel of Pin Savvy Co!

👉Go ahead and print this FREE Pinterest checklist to have out on your desk + learn from Joanne's FREE 20-minute video Pinterest Masterclass! You'll get links for both in the email and you can then properly setup your business account with Pinterest immediately!

And when you are ready to catapult your business visibility with Pinterest, you can take her Pin Proficient Course that I have taken! Yes, I have gone through it and use it as my Pinterest Bible LOL :) I have been known to split screen and have Pinterest up on left and her course on right while doing all my homework and setting up my pins and boards. She is super easy to follow, very helpful and you will not only enjoy the course, but get a TON out of it and be able to move forward with your Pinterest Strategy!


Joanne explained the many great benefits of using Pinterest for your business that Joanne shares - and you literally can not afford to miss this episode!

Things we learned about Pinterest for Businesses:

1 - it gives us free visibility

2 -it is the 3rd biggest search engine behind Google & YouTube - WOW!

3 - it has great analytics so you see engagement you receive

4 - you can promote your services or products or downloads or blog posts, etc

5 - you can promote your local or online business

6 - you can do paid ads, but don't do that until you have solidified which pins perform the best, and what audience likes them the best

7 - you can schedule out your posts so you can be strategic and don't have to get bogged down posting manually each day.

8 - you can use images as pins AND video! Video is newer and we are all testing this to see the increase in clicks. It has worked well for my business already! I share quick audiograms of my podcast episodes and they have higher click-through rates than just images.

Tools You Need To Use:

⭐️Tailwind: This is the fabulous scheduling app that lets you schedule Pinterest Pins AND Instagram pins! I love this and use it myself - and you probably heard Joanne speak about it as well - its a lifesaver! Check out TAILWIND here!

⭐️Canva: Yes, Canva is the most awesome image creation app out there! I used to use Photoshop for all my graphics, now I barely need to because there are so many templates in Canva it's insane! You can easily type in "Pinterest Pin" and it creates the canvas size for this then you easily drag in images and use their pre-made templates that save you SO MUCH TIME! I love it - so does Joanne as she was talking about it too. Every entrepreneur needs access to Canva - learn more here!

And, great news, Joanne is in my private FB group - so make sure you join us! Now you have access to a Pinterest expert as well for all those random questions you need to ask - she is so helpful!

😘Don't forget to get your FREE PINTEREST CHECKLIST for BUSINESSES & access to the 20-minute video of the Pinterest Masterclass!

PLUS: Check out this awesome Pin Proficient Course to really take your Pinterest exposure to a whole new level!

Thank you for being here and your willingness to learn more to better your business!



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