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Episode 40: 3 Truths about building your email list in the beginning!


Are you just starting & building your email list? Just trying to get your email list going? Yes, it can be hard in the beginning. But please know - this is one of the best business assets you have! Today I share 3 hard truths about starting & building your email list and what you need to be doing!

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Email apps when you are just getting started:
Flodesk - MY FAVORITE! Gorgeous templates love their style, easy to use! You get 50% off your subscription when you use my link here so instead of $39 a month, it's only $19!
Mailchimp - free in beginning!
Mailerlite - free in the beginning

I currently use an all-in-one program for my website, workshops, email list, landing pages, etc - and it is KAJABI. I absolutely love it - it is expensive...but it has simplified my whole business and saved me HOURS each week trying to work between multiple software apps. Kajabi has been a life-saver! Here is a 28-day trial so you can test it out! (Their website only has a 14-day trial, so this will give you some extra time!) Here's your Kajabi trial!

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💥Just getting your business started? Here's my free 16 step checklist to start your business & ensure you are doing what you need to be doing to get it going right!

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*please know that some links may be affiliate links so I could be compensated should you sign up on a paid plan with that provider. this helps to support this podcast and it is greatly appreciated. thank you!

Trying to get your business going & need to know what you should be doing? 

Here's my FREE 16 step checklist to get you going so you can get your business up and running asap!


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