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Ep 88: The "not-just yet" strategy you need to implement asap

Jun 24, 2021

So many business owners think they need everything perfect right now. And, yet they want to make money. What they don't realize is that having everything perfect right now is actually slowing them down and preventing them from making money.  If this is you, I've got a strategy that could help you

Here's 3 areas you need to apply the "not-just-yet" strategy right now:

1 - Not just yet with all the bells & whistles and with all the fancy things for your website and design.   SO many new business owners get stuck on this piece and think their website has to be perfect  - and the truth is: to make money, it doesn't have to be. That's not what is going to make you money.


2 - Not just get to a bazillion products & service offerings: keep it simple. You hear me say this all the time - start with a simple offering. It will slow you down if you keep trying to add too many offerings. 


3 - Not just get to all the marketing methods: Pick 1 or 2 avenues that you can feel really good about showing up and sharing your business with the world.  So many new business owners try to participate in every marketing method possible. How would you like to show up that sounds fun to you? Think this through - then start there. Don't complicate this right now - plus you need to wait to get feedback and hone your message before adding more methods. 


Listen to this episode to let this soak in - the strategy will surely come in handy!



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