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Ep 108: 3 things you're intentionally saying YES AND NO to as you start your business...

Nov 11, 2021

In today's episode, I share 3 things that you're saying yes AND no to as you start your business.  Many new business owners don't realize the intentional decisions they are making as they mentally prepare for this journey. Today should make you think.

Have you ever thought about how in life you say no to things so you can say yes to other things? Well, the same thing goes for your business.

1 - You know in your heart you want your career path to go in a different direction than it is today, right? Whether you have a full-time job or not working at all, you have decided that where you are now is not how you want to continue. (Which doesn't mean your life is bad at all - you just want to add some more joy in your life.) SO, you are saying NO to the status quo and YES to a new path - hooray!

2 - You are tired of building someone else's business right? Working hard and building clientele or helping another business, but don't really have a stake in the business? Well, now you are saying no to building someone else's business and YES to the challenge of building your own. 

3 - You are tired of a career that is unfulfilling right? Now you are taking control of your future by pursuing this business. So you are saying NO to an unfulfilling career and YES to one that truly makes a difference - and that is awesome!


I hope you'll listen today and really let this soak in!




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