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episode 110 - the she's just getting started podcast

Ep 110: The M.O.V.E Method - 4 Simple steps for making with your new business

Nov 25, 2021

Many aspiring & new business owners don't realize the simplicity of making money. They complicate things & get caught up in all the things they think they should have to build a successful business. But today, I clear the air. There's 4 simple steps for making money doing what you love, and today I share them.


The acronym to help you remember this is M.O.V.E.

M = Mission

When you have a business, you are serving people. You are making their lives better in some way. You need to know the mission you are on. Is it to save them time? Help them look better? Help them feel better? Have better relationships? Make them smile? What is it? Make sure you have this front & center as your focus - otherwise you turn into a commodity business, which then becomes a pricing game of who has the lowest price. You are on a mission to make a difference, not just selling something. Remember that.


O = Offer

When you have a business, you have a paid offer whether it be a service or product offering. You need to make sure your paid offer is clear & desirable. It has to be something people will pay for.


V = Visible with Invitiations

Your business can't just exist, it has to be visible to people. There has to be a method for you to be seen by others. They have to have a way to hear about or see you on a regular basis. Think about how you feel comfortable being visible whether it be through social media, local events & shows, through local networking, a podcast, YouTube channel etc. In addition to showing up, you have to offer people an invitation to take a step closer to you. This means you offer for them to see your website, come to your store, step into your booth, get a coupon, take a card with your website, offer a free trial, offer a free consult, etc. There has to be an invitation or you are losing out on people opting in to your circle & knowing how great you are.


E = Evaluate Results

This is the step that many new business owners omit. They fail to really evaluate the results of any work they have done. Is your website actually causing people to buy? Are the shows in your area really working to bring profits? Are your consult calls turning into business? Is your coupon enticing people to buy?  You have to evaluate the results of what you are doing so that you can keep with the current strategies or try new ones. Never cease to evaluate results - always be evaluating :) 


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