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Ep 111: Are you focusing on your own objections vs business OBJECTIVES?

Dec 02, 2021

When you work on your business each day, what are you focusing on? Are you focusing on the true objectives  - like building a career you love, how you can make a difference for your people, etc ...OR are you focusing on the objections and negative things about this whole process? In today's episode, I walk you through this - and help you see how focusing on the objectives is SO MUCH more productive. 

Here's what I find: So many new owners constantly think about the things in their way of building a successful business vs. all the things they should be focusing on to actually make this dream a reality.

I share how you should be focusing on making a difference, thinking strategically and working through ways to start making money. This is what matters - not all the negatives :) I hope you'll listen today for a pick-me-up talk will help you get excited & looking forward to building your awesome business!

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