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Ep 112: How this Etsy seller is thriving offering vintage home goods - with Jen Boltz

Dec 09, 2021

If you have a product to sell, have you considered Etsy? Well of course you should - it is a great way to get rolling quickly!

In today's episode, I interview the wonderful Jen Boltz and we talk about how she built her new Etsy business called Old.New.Next offering vintage home goods. Jen lives in Cincinnati, Ohio, and is a mother of 3 lovely girls. She is not only talented, kind & smart, but she is one of my awesome clients in Grow-Getters. I have gotten to know her over the past months & can't tell you what a privilege that has been for me. She has put in the work & I'm so in awe of her progress!

What's really great for Jen is that she is now doing this full-time.  She left her old position in July of this year and is now able to pursue her business dream. If you are a product seller, this is a great story for you to hear as you will learn how Etsy could be a great option for you too.

And here's the thing: She is starting like many of you.


1 - started scared

2 - started small

3 - and got help immediately to build her business

Jen's Etsy store is called Old.New.Next and you can shop HERE

Be sure to follow Old.New.Next on Instagram HERE

The future is bright for Jen and am so honored to share her with you!


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