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Ep 114: 3 Reasons to savor the special milestones in your business...

Dec 23, 2021

Today's episode is about savoring those special moments in your business, and so in that spirit, this is an unedited, raw episode of me just talking directly to you. 

Have you thought through the special moments & milestones in your business so far? Have you thought about that moment you decided you wanted to start a business? What about the time you told the first person that you were starting a business or were a new business owner? Or even what about the time you got your first customer (that wasn't your Mom or your friend? LOL)


Here are 3 main reasons why you need to treasure these moments:

1 - So you can see your progress. You can have a timeline in front of you that shows where you started & where you are now need to know the factual history of your business. You'll see where you started & where you are now.

2 -  So you can reflect on how far you've come & how many people you have positively affected.  You will be amazed at what you have done, the difference you've made, the money you've made and more. It's very important to be proud of yourself & have this fresh on your mind so that when the hard days come, you have somewhere to send your mind: to all the good you have done & all that you accomplished :) 

3 -So that you can share your story with others. Being able to share your entrepreneurial journey is a great way to connect with customers & shows you are human and draws people to you. You might even have your story on your website or even share it with those you know & love. It will be an inspiration to others & make others see that their dreams are possible too :) 

I hope you will listen to today's episode & really let it soak in :)  

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