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Ep 115: 3 Important business lessons learned from 2021....

Dec 30, 2021
 I'm so glad you are listening today as I share with you 3 important things I have learned about business in 2021 - and am passing on those valuable lessons to you :)   These lessons are timeless actually, and am excited for you to soak them in whenever you may be listening :) 

1 - Businesses have to be adaptable. Things can happen in the world out of our control and you must be able to adapt. You can always have some major life changes and may need to pivot your business. Also, as an owner, you always have to be thinking about the products you offer or services you offer - are they what people are still wanting to buy?
2 - Give value upfront. If you own a physical store or are a service provider or sell products online: make sure you are giving your people value even before they buy, if they are needing it. This could mean you simply explaining how to use your product, ideas for use cases, offering a blog or podcast or YouTube videos, or even a free trial or free lesson or giving pointers to help someone figure out if the product/service is for them.
3 - Creating impact is what this is all about. Your business is not just a business - it's a way to serve others and make a difference in small or big ways.  Feeling good about making a difference is truly the key to happiness in your business and will keep you up even when things are hard :) 

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