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Ep 118: You're not cookie-cutter, neither is your business.

Jan 20, 2022

In today's episode I share with you how your business is not a  cookie cutter type of business, meaning it doesn't have to be like anyone else's - and shouldn't be! 

Here's the great news: You get to build your business your way, with your style. You are not forced to do anything you don't want to do & have full control over it.

Whereas, if you had a franchise, you would have to do exactly as directed. If you owned a McDonald's, for example, you always have to use their logo exactly as they have it, their colors, the same furniture, exact store setup, same menu, etc. You do pay franchise fees but you have a proven business before you.

With our businesses, we get to use our creativity. We get to do things our way.

Here's the ways I share that you get to do things your way:

1 - with what you sell

2 - you get to add your own flair, vibe, style & personality to the business

3 - you get to choose how you want to share it with the world - it can be in any form you feel most comfortable & connected to.


So, don't copy what others do - focus on what you want to do, and people will be drawn to that!

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