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Ep 119: 3 activities NOT leading you to money right now...

Jan 27, 2022
 In today's episode, I share with you 3 things that many new business owners are spending time on that are NOT turning into money RIGHT NOW for their business. Yes, those things can be done LATER...just not now.

The fact is this: Many new business owners aren't getting going in an efficient way so that they can actually get their businesses off the ground & making money. I see it every day, all the time, and it's something that can quickly be fixed. But, many don't even realize that what they are doing is stalling them.

So today here are 3 things I talk about that you STOP doing today so you can actually get your business off the ground already :) 

1.Spending a lot of time building vanity metrics is not leading you to money right now. What this means is that many of you are spending a whole lot of time getting people to follow you and be a fan and all this so you can feel good that you have followers & hopefully customers. But here's the deal: most of those "vanity metrics" you just built, meaning that audience of not-real-potential-clients, are never going to buy. They simply followed you for some reason OTHER than because they are suffering the problem you sold.  With that, you have to realize that any marketing/promotional efforts you put in to these people will not work - as the message is falling on deaf ears. You have to build QUALITY followers/fans/subscribers OVER quantity. Trust me - vanity metrics won't sell products or services. Real people with real problems will.
2.  You focusing on bells & whistles is not leading you to money right now. Okay so, I love bells & whistles...I buy bells & whistles and I love to add these things to my website and for all the pieces of my business. However, adding bells & whistles now will not lead you to money RIGHT NOW. Maybe later added functionalities, features & style can enhance your business. But you wasting time working on these things, VS time you could be spending getting your business out into the world, is NOT leading you to money. You have to come to the realization that everything is not going to be perfect right now & won't be exactly as you dream it - your need to focus on what matters most RIGHT NOW.

3.  You hiding behind your computer is not leading you to money right now. You have to be getting the word out about your business. If you think you build it and they will just come, then you will be unpleasantly surprised when they don't come. You have to be working on things that spread the word about your business.
So how do you move forward with your new business effectively?
Well, to make it's call the M.O.V.E. Method.
It's the 4 simple steps you need to be taking RIGHT NOW to get your business off the ground & making money.
M = Mind on your Mission
O = Mastering your OFFER
V = Gaining Visibility while offering inVitations
E = Evaluation results
These are the 4 things you need to be focused on right now. And I will have video training HERE very soon so check it out!

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