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Episode 120 - the She's Just Getting Started podcast

Ep 120: 3 Times you don't have to "sell", yet they buy.

Feb 03, 2022

In today's episode I share with you 3 times that you don't have to "sell" when dealing with potential customers & clients, yet they still will buy. It's a great thing to keep in mind so that you don't have to be "selling" in some way that feels uncomfortable.

So, first...think through the times you have been approached and "sold" to. How did it feel? Were you excited to buy when they were all over you trying to push their products or services on you? No, it wasn't fun. And you probably didn't buy.

Today I share with you stories around these 3 times that you don't have to "sell"

1. When they really need (like if someone has a bad bad headache and needs a pain reliever, if you have Aleeve, they will buy it :) )

2. When they really want it (I share a story about my daughter's car buying lol.)

3. When they have already worked through objections that you provided the answers to, and then were willing to buy.

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