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Ep 121: Your transformational business journey begins when...

Feb 10, 2022
 Do you realize that you starting a business is not just about business, it's a transformational journey for you personally? Well, I'm here to tell you that it is. And you need to see it as such.
In today's episode, I share with you the 3 things that have to be in place for you to experience that transformational journey.  You may think you're just starting a business...but you're doing so much more than that:
1. Your heart. In order to truly experience the transformation into a business owner, you have to acknowledge what is in your heart....this yearning you have had to start this business. You have to listen to that inner voice. If you don't, this business would never get going. (Some people I notice keep this yearning buried deep in their heart - don't do that. Bring it forward.) Once you listen to that calling, you're able to acknowledge it and face it ...and possibly take your 1st step.

2. Your mind.  You must decide in your mind that you do what to pursue this.  You must make a decision that this is something you want to pursue. You now know you have this yearning, you have acknowledged that...but now you have mentally told yourself you are going to do this. Yes, it's a decision. Yes, or no. Yes, you are going to move forward with this dream. Or no, you're not. 

3. Your body. You must physically move & start taking steps to pursue this dream of yours. You have to find resources that help you learn in a way that is best for you. Maybe that's through pocasts, audio books, reading articles, reading books, talking to people, hiring a coach, etc. You actually have to be doing this. So many get stuck just before moving because they know they want to do...but never move. But you're different, right? You're moving forward - oh yes!

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