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Ep 124: There's no magic pill for starting a successful business. (sorry to say...)

Mar 03, 2022
 In today's episode, we have a good talk LOL. I share with you the fact that there is no magic "business success" pill, as much as we wish there was one.  This is a fun episode & know it will help give you new perspective on this subject! 

Today I share 3 things there is not a magic pill for when it comes to starting a new business:

1 - there is no magic business idea. There is only the idea you make perfect for you & the people you want to serve.

2 - there is no magic business model. There is only the business model you make perfect for this time in your life & for those that you seek to serve.

3 - there is no magic success secret. There is no one else building this business for us. It takes US being in the driver's seat & taking control ourselves. 


I hope you'll listen today - I know this will be one that makes an impact on you!

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