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Ep 125: If you're not "aligned" with your business decisions, this happens.

Mar 10, 2022

In today's episode, I share with you how you should feel when it comes to your business.  So many of you don't feel totally good about certain aspects of your business - you keep going back & forth on something. And usually that means something isn't feeling "aligned" with you. Today, I share a story about what wasn't feeling "aligned" with me.

You're going to hear about how the timing I offered my membership to Grow-Getters wasn't feeling totally aligned. You get to hear how it made me have so much mind drama about the monthly vs the 6-month vs the yearly, etc. You get to hear about the stress it caused clients because they were worried about when to get it, what the perfect time was, and how to finish in time if they couldn't renew, etc.

And, you get to hear how happy I was when I made the decision to offer Grow-Getters as a lifetime access program. Lifetime of the program, that is. :)  And how much better I feel.

You'll see too that it's not that me offering lifetime wasn't the key to creating the best offer ever - it was the key to ME feeling in ALIGNMENT with the offer so that I could show up in the right energy FOR ME to effectively share it. Does that make sense?

It's not that certain pricing or certain ways of offering something makes it a better offer - it's that the ENERGY we feel behind it is the Key.

And being in alignment with your decisions will help you show up in the RIGHT ENERGY :)

I hope you learn from me on this one! 

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