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Episode 129 - She's Just Getting Started podcast with Kimberly Brock

Ep 129: Some people just won't get it when it comes to your business.

Apr 07, 2022
In today's episode, I help you deal with the fact that some people just won't get it when it comes to your business. Whether it be customers, family or friends, you need to prepare now so you don't get hurt - because it's nothing to get hurt over anyways.

This episode will apply to any of you in any stage of business. The only people this won't make sense to are those of you that have told NOT ONE person that you are starting a business. Once you do...what I share today will happen at some point in your journey.
The first people who just won't get it when it comes to your business are those new people you meet. You all will talk and they will ask you what you do and you'll share that you own a business. Some people will continue to be curious & ask fun questions...while some people will change the subject. When that happens, please don't be upset. This has nothing to do with you. They simply just may not know what to ask or do not really resonate with you having a business or what you offer. IT's OKAY. Don't be offended. They just don't get how awesome you are and how awesome your products/services are :) Again, it's okay as you are not for everyone.

The next group of people who just won't get it are RUDE customers. Yes, you will have a rude customer at some point. And this is okay too. Do your best to do the right thing and let them go on their way. Dealing with people who are miserable are not worth your time. There are GREAT customers waiting for you!

The final group of people who just won't get it are some of your friends & family. I'm so sorry to tell you this one as this hurts the most. Just know that people LOVE you because of you and NOT your career...they love you whether you are super successful or not.  Make sure though that you are asking about their business & interested in what they do ...don't ever be the pot calling the kettle black where you don't ask about their careers. Please don't be offended if this does happen to you where family/friends don't ask about your business...they simply don't get it. They don't get how hard this is to take the leap and start a business. And then to build a business too - oh my!

I hope you'll listen today as this will make you feel better & help you prepare for people who don't get it. This is a fact of entrepreneurship :) 

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