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Ep 134: 3 Good things that come when things go wrong in your small business.

May 12, 2022

 In today's episode, I share with you 3 good things that come out of situations that feel bad in your business. I'm not trying to be over-positive by any means, as this is truly the good that can come & will help you move your business forward effectively. 


The first good thing that can happen is you have a teaching moment for YOURSELF. You take a moment to reflect on what you got to the point and can retrace your steps. When you do that, you then identify the culprit and not make up stories about what really went wrong.

Then second good thing that can happen is that you have clarity on what you could/should do instead. You clearly see what NOT do stop and can stop doing that.

The third good thing that can come of bad things that happen in your business is that now you can enjoy a REDO. You can go back and make it right. You can take action in a new direction and make this better going forward. This may be exactly what you need to turn your business around. 


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