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Ep 136: 3 Things your customers (& potential customers) need from you.

May 26, 2022


In today's episode, I share with you 3 things that your customers & potential customers need from you. These will give you thought about how you run your business effectively! 

I hope that this will shift your perspective & help you see how others view you & your business!

1. They need you to be providing something valuable & needed. Does your product/service get the results they expected? Make sure it is something that people WANT TO PAY FOR - so many new business owners simply want to sell what they want to sell, but don't really take into consideration the people they want to serve. You must create a product/service and an experience that they WANT to have.

2. They need you to be a business owner with INTEGRITY. So many new business owners out there are just out to make money for themselves -and you have probably encountered them at some point in your life. And I bet you never shopped with them again. You must be a person that is honest - but that should go unsaid. Also, you must be REASONABLE. I've seen business owners that are not reasonable & I see how it affects their customers in a negative way. You don't want this - you want people to say GREAT things about you and how you treat them.

3. They need you to be confident and in most cases, enthusiastic in your products/services. People like to get excited when they are spending money. It's such a better experience for your customers when you are confident when sharing the results and excited about how it will help them/better their lives. Enthusiasm is contagious - so make the experience fun for them so that long after the sale they are so happy they gave you their money.

Listen today when you have a chance so you can make sure you a providing these 3 things above for your customers & clients!


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