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Episode 137 of the She's Just Getting Started Podcast

Ep 137: Do you actually need an email list for your new business?

Jun 02, 2022

In today's episode, I share with you what an email list can do for you & your business so you can decide if you need one or not. Whether you sell products or services in your new business, this is for you! 

So, before we even get going with this episode, I'm going to share something. And yes, it's a SPOILER ALERT!

Here it is: most of you need an email list.

Let me say that another way: Yes, most of you reading this right now will need to be building an email list & sending emails on a regular basis.

Here's why:

1. Emailing your interested audience builds a relationship with them. It provides tips or discounts or information that they would love. And, you get to share about business so they get to know you better.  This builds rapport, and rapport is a great them to turn them into buyers or repeat buyers.


2. Emailing your interested audience reminds them of your business and gets them to your website again and brings in more sales. Yes, you can make money off of your email list. I used to do it all the time. I would email out specials or season-specific products that I know they would love, and some would buy directly by clicking on a link in the email I sent. It works. You're missing out on new buyers & repeat buyers if you're not doing this.


3. Your email list is YOURS! Yes, it's uniquely YOURS. You see, on social, it's not really yours. Mark Zuckerburg and the Social Media Gods have control over what your followers/fans see and don't see. The actual rate with which people see your posts is SUPER TINY. You can have 10x the viewers of your email as you do for social posts. For example, my open rate for emails is 50-52% - which is very good. But social posting you could get like 2-10% (and 10% on a really good day.) This is not to say that social isn't good - it's just that if they change the algorithm then your posts could hardly be seen again. And you don't have any other way of contacting your interested audience. That would be so sad - and could really hurt your business.

So, I hope you see that building an email list is super important for your business. Know that it doesn't have to be complicated to start. If you're a member of Grow-Getters, you know there is training on this and I help you get this all going. If you're not in Grow-Getters, make sure you get on the waitlist here as the next open date will be soon & don't want you to miss out on this opportunity to get your audience & sales GROWING!



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