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Ep 139: Stop assuming there's ONE reason why others are successful.

Jun 16, 2022

Today's episode is a unique one. I share with you some stories about assumptions that smart people don't make, and that you shouldn't either when assessing other businesses' success. 


So, here's what's happening with many of you new business owners:

You assume that why other businesses are successful is due to the latest & greatest fad.

For example, you think because another business owner in your niche is doing Tik Tok, that Tik Tok is why they are successful.

Or because they have a podcast.

Or because they are on YouTube.

Or because they have a mobile business.

Or because they have a storefront.

Or because they do Instagram Reels.

Here's the deal:

They are successful because they know they have a successful marketing system in place:

They are CLEAR on their niche.

They speak to their people.

They are clear about the results they get for their people.

They have a solid offer and pricing.

They are visible (in whatever method, they are VISIBILE.)

They invite people to take a step closer (with an email list or booking a call or getting a free trial or buying a mini offer, etc.)

Then, they know the results of what they are doing - AND KEEP DOING IT.

Many new business owners don't have that all in place...therefore, any method they show up with WILL NOT WORK. 

So, please don't assume it's the latest trend that got someone famous....

It could have taken them YEARS to get to that point.....many renditions of their program...many trials and errors....many restructuring....many visibility methods.....it could have taken ALOT to get where they are today.

Do not ever assume you know that ONE thing that made them famous.

Realize there is most likely A LOT that went into it.

Now, STOP copying what everyone else is doing & get busy on doing what you do best - and start growing this awesome business of yours!  WE NEED YOU!


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