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Episode 141

Ep 141: 3 Crucial things Building a Business is really all about.

Jun 30, 2022



p>In today's episode, I break it down for you & share the 3 things building a business is really all about.  I think many times new owners get swayed from what this whole process is about & forget to focus on what matters most right now. 

1. Your purpose is to help people. It's a simple as that. That is what you have set out to do. Keep focused on that and stop worrying about all the bells & whistles...things you don't need right now. Focus on how right now you can help your people!

2. You have to create awareness of your business. So many of you expect that just because you open for business that you will have continual income. Just because you are on social and showing up though, doesn't mean they are really aware of your business - the words you use matter. The way you act matters. Your "way" matters.

3. You have to be building your SKILLS. Yes, your business skills. Many new business owners think that just because they are now a "business owner" that they know all things business. The hard part you'll soon realize is that there is so much you don't know and have to figure out. You have to DEVELOP YOUR SKILLS the entire time. It never stops. You're always Skill-Building in terms of learning how to communicate, how to "sell", how to manage your time, how to send effective emails, etc. 

I hope you'll listen all the way through today as this information is SO important to the growth of your business.


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