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how to overcome the fear of investing in yourself - episode 145 of the She's Just Getting Started Podcast

Ep 145: How to overcome the fear of investing in yourself

Jul 28, 2022

In today's episode I help you work through the fear you may have when investing in yourself & your business. So many aspiring & new business owners are SUPER SCARED of spending money & time on something that they don't know they can make work. If this is you, then today is for you - READ MORE HERE!


The biggest question is: How committed are you really to building a successful business?

If you're not that committed, then investing will feel hard. But if you KNOW this is the future you want for yourself & that you can better peoples' lives through your business, then investing is inevitable.

1 - I share how you have to get over it :) Yes, you will have to spend money on yourself & your business if you really want to grow it.  You will have to invest in things like website design or paid ads or for an assistant, part-time help etc. 

2 - If you want a different future than today, then yes, you have to invest. If you are actually committed to this, then you spend money to get things done. For example, you know you want to go on vacation - you buy plane tickets or book hotel rooms. You invest in something you know you want to do. Simple as that. You want a different future, right?

3 -  It can make all the difference when you get short cuts or easy ways to achieve something. Literally ALL the difference. When they have already laid the path for you or they provide their skills to help you get there, then it is WELL WORTH IT. 

Do you really think successful business owners never invest in their business? You know they do. So will you.


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