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Episode 148 of the She's Just Getting Started Podcast

Ep 148: How long does it take to start a business?

Aug 18, 2022

In today's episode I share the answer to a very common question I get: how long will take to start my business? I'm going to walk you through some factors that will determine how fast you can start your business & get it open already! 

So today I talk you through all these factors which include:

1 - Location of your business, whether you are opening a local store or an online store or an Etsy store, for example. The amount of time each of these take is different :) 

2 - Type of business you are building will greatly affect your speed. If you have to create a product from ground zero with protoypes, etc, that will take longer than if you are teaching lessons, for example, based on a skill you already know. 

3 - Your experience level with the product or service. So if you have been selling or working with the type of product/service you are offering prior to now, it will be much quicker for you to get launched. If this is a product/service you never have dealt with before, then yes, the learning curve will be greater.

4 - The time you have available to you to work on this business will greatly affect your speed with which you can get open. Some of you will have many hours a week, others of you may have to make time for this on the weekends or late at night. Please take this into consideration & give yourself some grace if you don't have much time. And for those of you in this situation, getting help in my new Just Getting Started Group and/or Grow-Getters will GREATLY speed up your time as I provide you the steps & strategies that are proven to get you going fast!

5 - The amount of money you have to get started in the beginning could affect it depending on what type of business you are offering. It does take money to get going as you will need a website platform, software, tools, etc  - so if you don't have the money to get going quickly, that could delay you. (which is okay - just being honest about the time.) 

6 - The season of life you are in will affect what type of business you are wanting to run will affect the speed with which you can start :) Maybe you have kids...vs if you are single or retired can determine what what you feel like doing :) 

7 -If you're super comfortable and love what you are doing, then many are able to get going more quickly vs those of you that are just "okay" about your business idea. Those that don't really love what they are offering, tend to delay & stall & make excuses. When it's aligned, things go quickly!

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