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Episode 149 of the She's Just Getting Started podcast

Ep 149: Day 1 is SO much better than saying you'll do it "ONE DAY...."

Aug 25, 2022

In today's episode, I share why Day 1 of starting ANYTHING is way better than simply than saying you'll do it "ONE DAY."  I'm so excited you're here & think this is such an important message for you!

Think about things in life that you when you finally took action on something, how easy it actually was and how awesome it was to be moving towards your goal.

For me recently, I decided to make my bed every day. I had stopped consistently doing it for a few years...and simply decided the other day that I had enough! So, now I turn on the shower in the morning, and while it's warming, I run over and make my bed real quick.  It's awesome and so nice now to have a clean room LOL :) 

Maybe there is something in your personal life that you need to start? What about your business?
So many of you let excuses, like fear, get in the way.

Today you stop doing that. Today you declare DAY 1 is TODAY :) 

I share with you 3 reasons why Day 1 is so awesome: 

1 -it's the day you actually commit in your mind 

2 - it's the day you externally declare & move (I explain in the episode)

3 - it's the day you realize your true mission / purpose :) 

And yes, you get a motivational talk today :) 
So listen up!


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