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Episode 150 - She's Just Getting Started Podcast

Ep 150: Suffering "Business Attachment Syndrome?"

Sep 01, 2022

In today's episode, I talk about the touchy subject of Attachment Syndrome as it relates to your business. So many new business owners find themselves linking their self worth to their business - which can be very hurtful to you - and you need to stop doing that! 


Um.....the syndrome.

THE syndrome.

THE Business Attachment Syndrome.

It stinks.

Don't be that business owner.

Just because you didn't make a deadline to open. Or didn't have your product come out like it should. Or you aren't making the money you expected. 

Don't tie certain things in your business to your self worth.


BUT, Many of you are.

And it's hurting you. It's hurting how you show up in your business.

And it's hurting your business.


So today, I share with you how to stop doing this.

1. Stop thinking you're a loser if you miss a date that you planned to open or having something ready.  This is going to happen. Deadlines may pass before you have things ready or are ready to open, etc. 

2. Stop thinking you're a loser or that you aren't capable of building a successful business if you aren't making the money yet that you need to be making. This happens. There will be some times, especially in the beginning, when you are not making the money you need to make. This is part of it. This will push you to keep going - and shouldn't be something you tie your self worth to!

3. Stop thinking mishaps are proof you can't do this or that you stink or that you can't build this business.This negative thinking is getting you no where. Mishaps are going to happen, you're going to ship people the wrong items. You're going to help someone and they aren't going to get results. It happens. But you learn from it.

The BIGGEST thing you should be focused on is helping people. If you make a difference for them, you are doing AWESOME. If you keep doing this, more people will come, you'll get referrals, news will spread and your business will grow. 

Today's episode is important - so make sure you listen when you have a chance!


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