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She's Just Getting Started podcast Episode 154

Ep 154: Allow yourself to be seen as you build this business dream.

Sep 29, 2022

In today's episode, I chat with you about ALLOWING yourself to be seen for what you love, who you are, and what business dreams you have. So many of you new business owners are scared to be seen, you think people are going to judge you or think you're weird, and you have a lot of trepidation when it comes to your business. AND, I want you to stop doing this.

So today I share with you some stories & also expand on these things:

1.  Allow yourself to be seen for this DREAM you have in terms of this business. So many of you have had this idea in your mind for a long time, and you haven't even told anyone about it. I believe that if you start sharing it with others or those close to you, you will be more "seen" and known, you will actually become closer to those around you. So, let your dream be known :)

2. Allow yourself to be seen as you are STARTING. So many of you are scared to tell people you are in the "starting" phase and that you are learning and going for it. You don't have to act like you know it all now...you GET to share that you are just starting out and how excited you are (and how crazy it is not knowing what you are doing LOL.) I relieves so much pressure and also breaks the ice with others. Don't be scared to say you are just starting - it will free you. And get help. Please get help (free or paid)- don't do this alone.

3. Allow yourself to be seen as you are GROWING. Yes, you need to keep refining your skills & improving upon your processes, products & marketing.  There are many opportunities to get known & be seen locally and online so that your business can get exposure. Your business won't grow without you intentionally creating a system for building an audience, leads & sales :) 


I hope you enjoy this episode & it helps you gain the confidence to SHARE where you're at with your business so you can feel seen - AND FREE :) 


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