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Episode 155: the She's Just Getting Started Podcast

Ep 155: The #1 Mistake New Business Owners Make

Oct 06, 2022

Oh yes, today I'm sharing it. I'm revealing the #1 mistake I see new business owners make - regardless of whether they are product sellers, service providers, coaches, etc. This is what is happening that is stalling their success - and I hope you can learn so you don't suffer the same fate!  

So many business owners struggle to get going & actually get open for business. They have this dream, they are so excited...but some things get in the way that prevent them from actually start living their dream SOONER than later.

I'm not going to reveal that #1 problem just yet...here's the 3 things that lead to this:

1 - The first thing they do is overwhelm themselves. They get stuck in research and learning mode and never really take action themselves. Don't do this - it stalls you and you only really start learning after you start doing. 

2 - Secondly, they allow fear to set in. Yes, they get paralyzed with fear  - worried what others will think, worried whether they can make money, worried whether they can actually make this work or not. Don't let this happen to you. Realize that by you letting fear get in the way, you are stalling helping people. You are not going for your dream. You're stalling your success...when you know you want to achieve this!

3 - Thirdly, they try to PERFECT everything. They waste time trying to add all the bells & whistles, trying to add all their touches that they believe people care about right now. Don't let this be you. What you don't realize is that you get to IMPROVE & PERFECT over time...there is no possible way this is EVER going to be perfect right now. No way. You gotta get something out there first, then can perfect it!

So, what is the #1 mistake business owners make? YOU GUESSED IT! They: COMPLICATE EVERYTHING. Quit doing this. Stop making this so complicated as it's stalling your success.

There is a SIMPLE & FUN way to start - YAY!

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Listen to the full episode with stories, details & the motivation you need to get your business going (without making the mistakes others are making!)


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