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Episode 156 - The She's Just Getting Started Podcast

Ep 156: The #1 Reason new businesses aren't growing...

Oct 13, 2022
 In this weeks' episode, I share the #1 Reason new business owners can't seem to grow their businesses. Whether you are a product or service business, this pertains to you. So many new business owners struggle (and it breaks my heart) and I don't want you to suffer like them...

So here's the deal:

Many new owners put their heart & soul into their businesses hoping for the best. They work for months getting everything setup and making sure their product or service is awesome. They take pride in what they offer & are so excited to serve others - and use their God-given gifts to offer the world their special something.

But here's what happens: They have all the fun of opening & launching. They get those first sales & it feels awesome! Then they soon start realizing that sales just don't keep coming in. Then they start scrambling (some panicking) wondering how the heck to start getting more sales to come.

Then they start questioning their pricing, their website, their logo, their packaging, and more. They can't seem to figure out why more people aren't buying. So they start posting on social and trying to show up and tell people about their business.

Those things they think are the problems are NOT actually the problem.

The problem is that they never created & implemented a system that would help them generate a constant flow of leads and sales. Basically they never thought through actually how to market their business so they could get the consistent sales. They weren't showing up confidently because they didn't know the right words to say and didn't want to come off "salesy" or weird.

You see, they NEVER created their lead-building strategy - which would have forced them to work through all the wording they would use, how they would show up consistently & how they would invite people in to either buy or get in their circle. They missed this HUGE piece to have a successful business.

So, that's why I teach you all the 5-Part Lead-Building System inside Grow-Getters. I don't want any of you struggling to get your businesses growing. I don't want any of you fumbling over words & acting weird & not knowing how to share your AWESOME business with the world.

Don't be like those other struggling new owners...be the one that has all your ducks in a row, you're confident in how you're going to market your business, and you're generating leads on a regular basis so your business can keep growing - and you can sleep well at night!

I hope you enjoy the episode! Make sure to check out Grow-Getters and get on the waitlist if it's not open now - would LOVE to have you inside & support your awesome business journey!


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