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Ep 157 She's Just Getting Started Podcast

Ep 157: Why Imperfection is So PERFECT when starting your business!

Oct 20, 2022

In today's episode, I share with you why doing this imperfectly is SO PERFECT when you are starting out in business. So many new business owners incorrectly believe that everything needs to be perfect to get launched ..and they couldn't more wrong!

Today I share with you the some fun stories & take you through these 3 reasons:

1. You become SO MUCH MORE RELATABLE when you are NOT perfect. People are confused by perfect people LOL. Like think about it ....think about someone that appears perfect....aren't you like a little confused as to how this can be? Be YOU, be imperfect, and I promise you people will like you MUCH MORE (and want to actually buy from you!)

2. You become so much more EMPATHETIC to others when you realize that are just as imperfect as you are. You actually give people more grace. And they give you more grace. Realize that your people are suffering right now in one way or another - and they need YOU to be empathetic and actually help them.  

3. When you are doing things imperfectly, it means YOU ARE ACTUALLY TAKING ACTION! (unlike some other new business owners who stall and stress and have so much angst trying to perfect everything, then never do ANYTHING...meaning, they never actually get their products & services out into the world.) Don't be that person. Get moving. Get going. Start helping People asap!

By the way, I teach you how to IMPERFECTLY get moving in my Just Getting Started Group - did you know this? I know that it is hard for some of you to swallow that you can't be perfect...but somehow it's an artform I've perfected LOL. It is exactly what has propelled me forward & allowed me to have 4 successful businesses over the last 22 years. Make sure you check it out if you are starting a product or service business as I share everything you need to know to get your new business open & selling - AND SETUP for success! WAHOOO!


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