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Episode 160 - The She's Just Getting Started Podcast

Ep 160: How this jewelry designer built a booming business even with a corporate job - with Kalie Montz

Nov 10, 2022

Today's episode is so much fun & can't wait for you to hear Kalie Montz of Louie Love share her story! She is such a vibrant, beautiful, intelligent, God-fearing woman that has so much wisdom to share, and I couldn't help but have her on the podcast. I met Kalie about 1 1/2 years ago when she joined Grow-Getters, my group coaching program for new owners,  & have had the honor of watching her build her business dream right before my eyes!

Kalie walks you through how she started her business (and spoiler alert: it flopped the first go-round.) Then, she picked herself up, got serious about her business, sought out resources & even joined Grow-Getters. Her actions have paid off big-time as she now has a 5-figure-a-month business just a year 1/2 later! 

Kalie also shares how she not only sells her jewelry to consumers through her website & Etsy shop, but she also now sells WHOLESALE to boutiques. AND YES, this has been a huge reason why her business is doing so well & her business is booming! 

If you are in Grow-Getters, you get to attend a LIVE conversation between Kalie & myself so you can learn the strategies she has used, so you can apply them to your business today! (The training will be uploaded into the Grow-Getters training hub as well, yay!)

Make sure you listen to the episode all the way through as she shares so much great information and I'm so excited for you to learn from Kalie!

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Books Kalie mentioned: Profit First & Amanda Francis's Book (PLEASE NOTE that Amanda Francis's book has an explicative in the title so I did not put it here.)

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