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Episode 162 of the She's Just Getting Started Podcast

Ep 162: What if you don't have a passion but want to start a business?

Nov 24, 2022

So many of you say you started your business based on your passion for something - and I think that is so wonderful! But others of you say you want to start a business, but don't know that you even have a passion or know what type of business you should start.  That can stall this dream of yours - so today I want to help those who don't feel you have a passion that could be a business offering. 

1. The first question is really about you having a genuine desire to start a business. I think the "dream" of being your own boss & having personal freedom is so appealing, but when it comes down to it, many of you haven't even considered whether you ACTUALLY want to start a business. So, I review this with you :) 

2 - The second question is really about you actually having the desire to make a difference in others' lives through your products or services. I think many are enamored with the idea of making money through a business - and the potential to make a lot of money but don't really consider whether they actually want to make a difference for people. You really have to think this through, because, I believe, if you don't really want to better people's lives, then starting a business may not be your best option for a career.

3 - The third question is really about you understanding yourself & your skills & your true interests. Many people, I find, have never really mapped this out. You have to take time to really get to know yourself & work through all the aspects that make you YOU. This will help in figuring out your best business idea, which I help you with inside the Just Getting Started Group. Make sure you check that out here because RIGHT NOW you can get access to my whole workbook & a workshop for narrowing down your ideas to the best one. Figure out your business idea HERE inside the Just Getting Started Group now! 


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