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Ep 26: Your peak creative state is not when you think it is!

Apr 16, 2020


Have you ever had an ah-ha moment or revelation come to you at the oddest time? Meaning have you ever been in the shower or just when you woke up in the morning and all of the sudden come up with a great idea? You are not alone - there is actually SCIENCE behind it!

Personally, I have experienced ah-ha moments right when I woke up in the morning. I can think of 3 major times in my life when I had big decisions I was pondering and trying to figure out solutions for…and WHAM: when I woke up in the morning I had the answer! And those answers came to me just as I was waking up, still in bed, still groggy.

So, I started researching why this could be. And I found out some interesting things! First of all, many people know for themselves whether they are night owls, or morning people, or somewhere in between. And with that, most then think they would be most productive when at the time of day that corresponds with that. And they are correct. So if you are a morning person, you are probably most productive in the morning, and if you are a night person, then you are most productive at night.

But come to find out, creativity is a different beast. Basically, you are more creative when you are less focused. This means it is not at the peak productive times. Creativity is better when you are slightly more tired because you are less focussed and your brain pathways are not so highly connected. You are more open to ideas during this time.

So with that, start noticing when your creative ideas come to you. Is it in the morning right when you wake up or at night? And test this out - maybe swap what you normally do and get productive at the opposite time and see if your creativity is good at the other. Either way, you need to be testing and you need to be CAPTURING your creative thoughts.

To capture my creative thoughts, I keep an open google doc. I also use voice memos on my phone and notes app on my phone. You can put a pen and paper next to your bed at night as well. Just make sure you take down the ideas - because, as we all know, they are easy to forget. And there is nothing more frustrating than forgetting the most awesome idea ever!

So if you need to be productive in your business, take time now to experiment on what time of day works for you. Then keep it consistent. This is how your ideas will flow!

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