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productivity Apr 23, 2020

Are you using timers every day? You may not even realize you do - for cooking, for an alarm clock, etc. But have you considered using them for getting stuff done in life & and business?

Seriously, they are probably the most underutilized feature on my phone and clocks. The other day my family was in the kitchen - and we all looked around to notice it was a complete disaster. (Too many people home during this whole Covid-19 stuff!) My son then suggests we set a timer for 10 minutes and get every member of the family to clean at the same time. My daughters then come downstairs and we Ready-Set-Go!  

I can not believe what got done in 10 minutes! My daughter got busy sprucing up the living room and the rest of us ran around like crazy people. My son was emptying the dishwasher, I was picking stuff up off the counter, my husband was moving all our work junk out everywhere and my oldest daughter was cleaning everything she could.  To our astonishment, the whole kitchen & living room were clean SECONDS before the timer went off!

Then it hit me: THIS IS AMAZING! I need to work this way!

Here are 4 reasons why using timers are awesome and you should use them:

1. They get you focussed. Yes, you are only doing one task and not delayed by getting sidetracked by everything else on your plate.
2.  It energizes you. Yes, it's true - you get so much energy so fast - it's an adrenaline rush!
3. It gives you momentum and makes you realize you actually are capable of!  You can now quickly complete tasks that you weren't really wanting to do - and you can put time limits on doing tasks you love to do so you don't take away time from stuff you need to actually get done.
4. The breaks are SO MUCH BETTER.

So, you can start using timers at home when you clean. When you organize. When you pay bills and do paperwork. 

But for your business - these are amazing! You can sit down and put on a 20 minute timer for when you work on social media. When you work on emails to customers. When you work on your website. When you are crafting offers. Whatever it is, use a time - I'm serious, it's awesome and will help you structure your day so much better! Let me know how it works for you - I would LOVE to know!

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