Your sales techniques are only as "slimy" as you make them!


Do you get worried that by "selling" you are annoying or pushy? Does it feel "slimy" to try and help customers buy or buy more?

In this episode, I want to help you realize that you can sell in a humble yet clear way that actually helps the customer make decisions that will help better their lives. They may not realize they need that "push" and they may not realize they need the results you can give.

This, in fact, was something that happened to my son. He has a power-washing business and it’s been awesome watching him go through all the stages and things entrepreneurs normally do! He shared how he was quoting a driveway for a client and then he saw her sidewalk was dirty and felt bad asking if she wanted a quote on that too. He was worried he was being “pushy”. I explained that no - he was actually HELPING her by quoting it because in the end, she would be much happier with her home if it was all done. Plus, it would be cheaper to have him do it now, versus her waiting for another day to do it. He was actually doing her a disservice by not quoting it that day. So now, he always asks customers if they would like him to go ahead and quote other areas of their home while he is there. And he said almost every time they end up having him do those areas too - helping his business and helping his customers!

Don’t ever feel that you can’t upsell or help lead a customer to the right decision for the transformation you know they need. Sometimes we all feel pushy or “salesy” - but the truth is, you know you can truly make a difference for them.

Don’t be afraid to speak up and humbly share what you can do for clients!

Happy selling!

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