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Ep 95: 3 ways to overcome jealousy as you start & build your business

Aug 12, 2021
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If you're starting, building or growing a new business, you will probably experience at least a hint of jealousy every now & then today I want to address that & share 3 ways to get rid of it.
Here are 3 ways to cope:
1 - Others' successful businesses are proof of what is possible for you. How do you know this? It is FABULOUS news that so many are successful around you which demonstrates that it's possible for you too. I'm proof too, after all :)  
2 - You have something special others don't have. Maybe you create, make or share it differently? Maybe you price it differently? Maybe you offer different energy around what you offer. Realize that your products may very well be similar to what someone else is selling, but your way of being is surely different and that is why certain people will be drawn to you. Remember: people buy from people. If they like you, most likely, they'll buy from you. BE YOU so they can get to know you & LOVE YOU :)  This is the leverage you have that no one can take away. 
3 - Remember that your journey is your journey. Your path is your path. Your circumstances are different than others' circumstances. You are not in someone else's're in your time & space and need to be proud of the steps you are taking, the progress you are making, and the movement forward. You are on your own path and it's AWESOME!

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