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Ep 3: Here's how to know your true business strengths - with Lindsey Preston

Nov 14, 2019

Knowing your strengths is a crucial foundation for your business. It affects what tasks you personally perform each day, who you hire, how you “sell”, how you work with others, and many more reasons! Your strengths actually make up 1 of the 4 pillars that are the true foundation of your business (as discussed in Episode 1 - She's Just Getting Started Podcast about knowing your true business purpose.)

In this episode, I have Lindsay Preston as a guest discussing Solidifying Your Strengths. She is a life coach, podcast host, and even has her own course you can take to find your strengths. In addition, she helps women with mindset and relationships. She's fabulous! The info Lindsay provides will surely be valuable for business and life.

In addition, she has a crazy situation that happened to her years ago, which actually helped spur her desire to become a life coach. She found out her husband was living a double life. UGGHHHH. You can hear about it and how she overcame it. 

I actually took her course Solidify Your Strengths (info below) and it was truly enlightening for me. It solidified that I am doing what I should be doing based on my strengths - what a relief! And how it made me see that I should be proud of what I’m good at and not ashamed that I don’t have other competencies - and I can work smarter and more confidently with the strengths I do have.

With that, she is offering her course to YOU with a special bonus (just for my listeners - YAY!) So here is how it works: You can review her course on her site. Should you decide to go ahead and take the course, use code "KIMBERLY" so that she knows to give you the awesome bonus, which is the printed guides that go along with the course. Normally you just take the course online, but with these workbooks, you get to write out all this valuable info you are discovering about yourself and keep it for years to come. It all comes in a cute shipment - and I can't wait for you to get it all!

I am partnering with her because I truly believe you must know your strengths (and not just guess.)

Start here:

Buy the Book Strengths Finder - just get it and take the assessment. You need to do this if you do nothing else! And it's fun to get your spouse to do it too - we have fun comparing our results!

Solidify Your Strengths with Lindsay Preston then use code "KIMBERLY" when checking out to get the BONUS books! This will allow you to get the cute workbooks shipped to you shortly after you start!

Here is her fabulous podcast Become An Unstoppable Woman - she really knows how to help us dig deep and better our lives!

In an effort to be transparent, I may be compensated for referring listeners to other websites. I just wanted you to know. If I do not personally endorse a product, rest assured I would never post it here.


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