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Ep 107: Pilates instructor took the leap & opened her own studio - with Stacy deLarios

Nov 04, 2021

In today's episode, I share with you one of my Grow-Getters members & awesome human: Stacy deLarios! She is a pilates instructor who worked for a fitness club for years, but recently decided she would open her own pilates studio: Fix Pilates. She is in the thick of building her new business and thought it would be valuable for you to learn from how she is getting her business off the ground & what she did to get there!


You get to hear us chat about:

  • her career before pilates
  • how she got into pilates & got trained
  • how she was building the club's pilates membership
  • her ah-ha moment when she decided it was time to open her own studio
  • and what she is doing to bring in new clients & build her business!

You can hear her joy and optimism about her new business - and the same goes for you! When you decide to courageously pursue your dream, life changes. You become the person YOU KNOW you were meant to be.  Stacy is YOU  - she represents all of you new business owners taking the leap. I'm so excited for you to get inspired and see that this dream of yours is possible too!

Here's how you can follow Stacy, learn about her virtual pilates instruction, and more!



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