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Episode 97: She's Just Getting Started podcast

Ep 97: Let's talk about your "sales" skills....

Aug 26, 2021

 So many new business owners are worried about whether they have the proper "sales skills" to sell their products and/or services. They are worried that they don't know what to do to "sell."

Today, I want to clear this up. You don't have to become an icky salesperson or develop super sales skills. The fact is, you need to show up, be confident, be excited & truly be there to serve. When you do, you will naturally be "selling" and people will want what you offer.


So, today, ask yourself these questions about you showing up & sharing your products/services:

 1. Are you underselling? Are you afraid to put yourself out there? If you don't show up, then how can you help people? Part of "selling" is showing up. Ask yourself today "how am I underselling the awesome product/service I offer?"

 2.  Are you overselling? Don't you hate it when other businesses are annoying and pushing their products/services on you? We never want to be that kind of person that annoys others so they never want to do business with us. Make sure that you are not pushing your products/services but are sharing the ways it can make a difference for those you seek to serve :) 

3.  When you are sharing your product/service with others...are you speaking from the heart? Are you speaking to the difference it can make for others? Are you sharing why you made your product/service the way you did as compared to others out there? Are you inspiring people? If so, you will be selling without even realizing it and they will be drawn to what you offer :) 

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