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She's Just Getting Started - Episode 70 - Start Before You Are Ready

Ep 70: 4 Tips for starting your business before you're ready.

Feb 18, 2021

It's true...you will never feel 100% ready as you are starting your business. It feels scary, you can feel like you are entering a vortex of the unknown, and you may even fear failure.

Don't worry, so many others feel this way. But it's time to get a grip and realize: YOU WILL NEVER FEEL READY but you START ANYWAYS.

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Here are the 4 tips I go over in today's episode:

1. You have to decide that this business is worth the risk. So many of you feel like you are risking your reputation (if you fail.) The real truth is this: You are risking not reaching your true potential by not starting and impacting lives through business. Simple as that. Decide today that it is worth the risk.

2. You have to find your people that can walk with you as you start this business. The fact is that many people in your life may not even get why you are doing this. You need to surround yourself with people that ask those dumb questions to, that you can celebrate with, that will give you honest feedback and more. That's precisely why I have this FREE PRIVATE FB GROUP for people like you - so come join us today!

3. You have to start taking action so that you can gain momentum. If you don't ever gain momentum, you will go nowhere and you won't love the process. It's imperative you simply start taking steps - even before you feel ready - so that you can learn and grow as you go. 

4. Your true purpose of this business will be revealed to you AS YOU TAKE ACTION. (See why you must do #3?) So many of you want to know your purpose BEFORE you start your business...and yes, that is a good thing. However, there is no way to totally know how you will positively affect other people. Yes, you can know what you have set out to do and how you want to better lives...but there is no way you can know now how you will actually affect them. And that's the amazing part for you - I can't wait FOR YOU to experience the joys of knowing you are making such a difference in this world :) 


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