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Ep 96: The starting never stops as you build your business...

Aug 19, 2021
So many new business owners think they only start once. They think they start their business & that's it ....then it's all sunshine and rainbows. Well, just to let you know: the starting never stops. But it gets easier, kind of like when you ride a scary rollercoaster (lol.) That first hill is super scary but after that, the hills aren't so bad.
The same goes for your business, you're always climbing another hill but enjoying the ride down :) 

1. When you first have the idea: this is your first "start". You're starting to talk to people, mull it all over in your head. You get the scoop, you start researching and you start moving towards something you dream of :) 

2. When you actually start your business:  this is your official "start."  It's such an exciting time, but many are scared ...just like that first big hill on the roller coaster :) 

3. When you start doing new things: this is your new things "start." Like going "live" or starting a new website, an email list, a social media plan, putting yourself out there, etc. 

4. When you start new programs: these are your launching "starts."  These don't ever end. Maybe it's a new product, maybe it's a new service, maybe it's a new location, maybe it's a new product any case, it's another start :) 

See, the starting never stops as you build your business :)  

And the angst of starting new things is not as bad as you go  - that's the great news!

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