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Ep 90: The crucial "good enough" approach as you start & grow your business...

Jul 08, 2021

Today I share the "Good Enough" approach you need as you start & grow your new business - so many of you are trying to make everything perfect right now...and it's time you stop this bad behavior (LOL) and learn this new approach :) 

You have all heard the Serenity Prayer:

"God, grant me the serenity
to accept the things I cannot change,
the courage to change the things I can,
and the wisdom to know the difference."    Reinhold Niebuhr

After sharing that prayer on today's episode, I realized we need a business owner serenity prayer too! We need to know the difference what needs to be perfect in our business right now, and what doesn't.

Today I share with you 3 areas that some of you are stalling in your business due to perfectionism.  And, I know some of you perfectionists out there will be cringing even at the thought of all of this LOL. 

1 - Your website. Many of you are trying to make a perfect website right now in terms of the end-all-be-all you dream of it being. You do want to have it error-free, but you do not have to waste time trying to make it the best ever RIGHT NOW - you can have it be "good enough" for now. 

2 - Your product/service offering. Many of you are working hard to make your product or service seem perfect, but the problem is that you haven't had enough experience selling it to really understand what it really needs to be. Does that make sense? You need people to use prototypes to test and use and give you feedback so that THEN you can perfect them. So, get a product or service together that is "good enough" so that you can get it out there in the world and start getting feedback stat. :) 


3. Your pricing. Many of you are having so much drama over pricing. You can't decide if it should be $50 or $55 or $59, etc and it's stalling you and driving you crazy. Here's the deal: you can go up in price later. Just pick a price TODAY. Make a decision TODAY and go with it. Get this thing going - don't stall on price  - pick one that is "good enough" for now!

I hope you will take all of this to heart today as you are starting & growing your business so that you can keep moving & gain momentum! I'm so excited for you!



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