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Ep 57: The gauge of your business success is not just about the money milestones.

Nov 19, 2020

Your business should never be defined as successful or not successful purely on the income that it brings. Just like life, material possessions are not what is the true definition of a life well-lived and the same goes for your business.

Here are 3 ways that you can think about how you and your business have ALREADY been successful and to realize that these milestones are awesome!

1 - If you have ever told anyone about your business or business idea and shared with the world, then that is a big success! Many people say they want to start a business and never do. And some even sort of start their business, but never share it with the world or tell anyone and their business never goes anywhere. So today, realize that you have done something many never do by putting yourself out there and offering something special to the world.


2 - If you have ever created a product or service offering, then you have already hit a wonderful milestone. So many never actually get to creating or putting together an offering for anyone. They dream of selling their products or services - but never actually create it. Realize today that this is a big success if you have come up with something and put your mind to it - because this takes determination and a willingness to create something from your heart. Many never even get to this - and you did!


3 - If you have ever received positive feedback from someone who has purchased your product or experienced it - then this is a huge success in my book! After all, you are doing this to make the world a better place, right?  And when you see someone's face light up when they use your product or feel better or it saves them time, then you know that it is so rewarding - yes, your efforts were valuable to someone! So remember: if you are just getting everything started, maybe in the product creation stage...then your day is coming where someone will buy your product or service and love it! Yes, this is a success milestone!

So, today...think through what success means to you. Yes, the money you NEED is something important to keep this business going. But, the amount of money you make is always fleeting and you will always want more. The reason you have this business is to make a difference in others' lives: save them time, save them money, make them feel better, hep them learn something new, help them achieve something, relieve their pain..and for so many other reasons. 


Take time right now - get out a pencil and paper - or even on your phone or laptop - and think through what success really is for your new business. List out some things - and don't focus on the money. You're so much more than that :) 

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