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She's Just Getting Started podcast

Ep 92: 3 ways to stop the noise as you start & grow your business

Jul 22, 2021

Do you hear all the noise? Yes, as you're starting & growing your business, you'll hear a LOT of noise. Today I'm sharing with you 3 ways to AVOID the noise and enjoy a peaceful business journey :) 


So many people are sensitive to loud sounds, including my daughter, Ava. I share in this episode a story about how every time we are in the car, I have to turn down the music when anyone is talking. And I mean turn it down to ZERO. She can't have any sound when others are talking.

Then funny enough, I just got a notification for a new genetic report from 23andMe in regards to my DNA testing. (I did the DNA test years ago with my family and we periodically get updated reports from them - its so fun!) This test was for "mesophonia" - and I was like: WHAT in the world is this? It's the disliking of hearing others chewing. And of course, Ava has the marker for disliking chewing sounds - but don't we all? LOL

But as far as you and your business is concerned, yes there is noise.

1 - You may hear noise from those around you. Your family may not support what you are doing. A spouse may not support this. And, this is so sad to me. There are things you can do such as: pray for them to have a change of heart, pray for yourself, don't bring up the conversation all the time, and ask others around or in our FB group to see how they handled this.  Remove yourself from the situation as much as you can if you are able.

2 - You may hear noise from competitors. You will feel the pressure and see others' success. If you feel like you are feeling less than, remember that your journey is your journey. You are on a different playing field than they are.  Quit giving your business negative vibes by comparing yourself to your competitors - you need to be bringing your business positivity and good energy on a regular basis. This is a marathon, not a sprint :) Stay in your zone, be resourceful - and tune out everybody else :) Let them empower you, not discourage you. YOU GOT THIS!

3 - You may hear noise from your own head regarding all the things you think you should be doing.  And we all do this, we keep thinking we need to have bells & whistles, take this course and buy that audiobook, etc. There is so much you think you need, but actually you just need the basics. Keep it simple. Simple is SO much easier. Focus on the small things you need to get done now to help make a difference in others' lives. Keep moving.


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