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Ep 106: Where do results actually come from?

Oct 28, 2021

So many new business owners don't fully understand where true results come from.  In today's episode will help clear this up so all of you know where to get real results. 


1. You have to inspire people, which I talked about on episode 105, which you should go back and listen to it first if you haven't listened to it already. You are inspiring them to be more, save time, feel better, achieve more, have better relationships, etc. What is the bigger vision of what you want them to become or enjoy or do, etc?

2. You have to meet people. You can just build it and expect people to come. People have to know about your business. And let me say, you can meet them virtually or in person. People meet me through my podcast. I meet people in person. I meet people through my private FB group. How do you meet people?

3. You have to believe in yourself & what you're selling. This is a huge problem with new business owners - many question what they're doing and what people will think. Then they don't have confidence and then when they talk to potential customers, they're not giving off confidence.  You have to believe so that you exude confidence & people are inspired into action :) 

Listen to the full episode today to get the full picture - because yes, you need to be getting results in your business asap!


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