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Ep 91: 4 Reasons why your first customers are so important

Jul 15, 2021
 Are you just starting you business? Have you gotten your first customers? Or maybe not yet? Or maybe even you've been in business a while. But did you consider how important those first customers are? Today I share with you 4 reasons your first customers are so important..
But first, one thing I've noticed. Many product-based businesses seem to get your first customers pretty quick. Where as, service-based sometimes take a little longer. But that's just my observation and may not be hold true in general :) 

So here are the reasons:
1 - Logistics.  Yes, your first customers help you work out the kinks of your whole selling process. It helps you workout how you offer what you offer, how you finalize the sale, how you deliver, etc. This is crucial to getting your business going & yes, those first customers help with this tremendously :) 
2 - Feedback. Yes, your first customers help can provide needed feedback if you ask for it. If you ask questions, ask what they need/don't need, what could be better, etc. You also then have stories to tell about clients using your products or benefiting from your services.  You need those initial testimonials and stories that you will use from here on out!
3 - Refinement.  Yes, those first customers are crucial to you refining your product or service offering. It will help you to see what you need to adjust/change/fix/enhance and make better for the next rendition. This is crucial that you get the feedback above so you can tweak your offering and make it be the best it can be!
4 - Confidence. Yes, those first customers bring confidence. You will get so excited when those first people pay you for what you offer and it will literally be a rush of endorphins! It is such an awesome feeling when you start getting glimpses of this business could be if it continued. Those first customers are so important to your well-being so make sure you are doing what you can to get those first ones so you can know that your hard work is paying off!
I hope today you see that those first customers are so crucial as you get started - and the sooner you get them the better!

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