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Ep 17: Your business can be an emotional rollercoaster (oh yes it can!)

Feb 13, 2020


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Starting & building your own business can be an emotional rollercoaster.

You think of your business idea and it feels amazing...then you realize there is work to be done to bring your vision to reality.

Then you start trying to plan everything and get excited about having something to sell, but you get stressed when you have to spend money to get things done.

You then open for business and it is the most wonderful feeling in the world - full of hope and excitement for what is to come! But then reality sets in that you have to market this business or no one will know about you.

But even with things like this, owning your own business is such a personally rewarding experience! When you get to impact your clients, it truly gives you a feeling like no other.

I know your business must mean so much to you - as mine have meant the world to me!

So, make sure you are taking time to plan for the things that are stressful and that can go wrong. Make sure you know who to call when you have technical issues, who to talk to when you need advice and make sure you have a mentor or coach to guide in the right direction.

That is precisely why I do what I do now - I never want another business owner feeling alone or being misguided in their business journey! I want to also help them see that what they are doing is truly amazing, and to leverage what they are best at to give their business the best chance for long term success!

Just know you are not alone if you feel stressed or emotional about your business - we have all been through it! It's hard, but this too shall pass!

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