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Ep 4: Rethink your lemonade stand - the most basic business lesson you need to hear.

Nov 21, 2019

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Most people are familiar with lemonade stands. Maybe you ran one as a child or maybe you have recently purchased from a kid's lemonade stand. I wanted to take this time to think about your business - whether you have started yours or are currently running one now - and get back to the basics of what your business should truly be doing.

You get to hear my story about my lemonade stand I ran as a child and how it can help you run your business from the perspective of the basics. Let's stop all the insanity of having this perfectly tricked-out business with every bell and whistle, and pause for a moment to reflect and make sure we are doing the essentials right!

Here are 7 things you better make sure you have established for your business:

  1. Your product/service is actually needed. There is a demand for it.

  2. Location. Location. Location.

  3. It's priced right.

  4. It's easy to understand.

  5. Get your marketing right - word-of-mouth works great, don't forget.

  6. Create an emotional connection. What's your reason for doing this?

  7. Set Goals. Set Milestones. Celebrate when you get there.


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