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Episode 59  - She's Just Getting Started Podcast

Ep 59: What's the energy you give off in your business? Potential customers & current clients notice....

Dec 03, 2020
Have you ever thought about how the energy you give off and how it is perceived by potential customers and current customers?  If you have never considered this before, today is the day. It could save your business. 
So first question: Do you have people in your life that give off negative energy? And if you do...do you love to be around them? Does it feel like it takes YOU a lot of energy to be around...and even try to avoid them?  You know you don't want to give off that energy yourself, right?
Here's 4 areas to think about the energy you portray and give off:
1. Now think about your business....and as you have been talking about it with others, what energy are you giving off?
Make sure you are giving off a positive & confident vibe. Because...if you are not giving that, others won't be as excited about your business either.
Now, some businesses don't require you to be the most outgoing person in the world. It is more about the tone - either positive or negative - that is the key.
Because your customers are judging you - as much as you don't want to hear that. They are subconsciously making a judgment about your business by the way you act.
So...give off a confident, humble energy.
2. When you are posting on social, what is the energy you are going off? Is it consistent with how you speak & talk on a regular business when it comes to your business? Be intentional about the positive or negative vibe you give off and intentionally make it consistent so you can build trust with your potential & current customers.
3. When you are on video or on live video, think about the energy you give off. Again, it needs to be consistent with all the other mediums you use. You don't have to be overbearing with extra high energy necessarily, but you for sure need to have a confident energy that feels humble + positive.
4. If you send emails, make sure that energy is consistent as well. The words they read from you are just as important as the videos and other ways you interact with them. 

*EPISODE I mentioned:  Episode 54 which also talks a little about energy and the girl that gave off really overbearing energy...(don't be her.)

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