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Ep 176: What to do when things feel heavy in your business.

Mar 02, 2023

In today's episode, I talk you through some common things that feel heavy to some new owners, and how to STOP allowing the weight to bring you down. 

Think through your business right now...your day-to-day business. Is anything weighing on you? Is anything feeling very STRESSFUL about your business?  Whatever it is that feels heavy right now, bring it to the front of your mind & acknowledge it. Really let it sit with you for a minute. What is it? 

Here are some scenarios other new business owners have been dealing with:

1 - Struggling with setting things up? Like are you feeling stuck on getting your website up or getting your product or service ready, or creating a logo or graphic design?  Well, know this: You can easily hire help for this. These are things that are actually super easy to get help for. You can go on Etsy for example, for logos & graphic items. There are graphic designers you can hire for branding and logos & all of that. If you find yourself stuck on things like steps for starting your business & feel overwhelmed, know that I actually offer this for people like you. I have all the steps & important foundations laid out for you so that you don't have to waste time & energy trying to piece all this together yourself. I have it all inside the Just Getting Started Group HERE.   If you are struggling because you don't really know how to turn your vision into an actual plan...so you can either decide if you actually want to pursue this business idea, or if you want to simply get a plan together so you know what to expect when starting...then Create Your Business Plan here!

2 - Is your product or service that you are selling fell heavy? If so, think through what it is ACTUALLY that feels heavy. Is it your price? Is it WHAT you are offering? Is it HOW you are offering it?  Give yourself time to really think this through...and even give yourself permission to pivot your business or offer something new if you don't feel aligned with it.  Now, some new business owners mistake their offer as not being good because they are not getting sales ...but really it's because they haven't been marketing it effectively. That's a whole different story. Make sure today that you actually feel aligned with what you are offering, how you are offering it & the price you are offering it. If you don't - CHANGE SOMETHING NOW :) 

3 - Is your business in general feeling heavy because you have so many things to do?  Think through right now what you could outsource. Is it packaging your products? Is it graphics? Is it helping with your website? Is it helping with your financials or bookkeeping?  Whatever it is, realize that you can HIRE HELP :) You can get creative about who you hire - could it be one of your children? a niece or a nephew? A family member? A neighbor? A babysitter? A teenager in your area? Online through Fiverr or some other freelance sites. Make sure you are not walking around being a stressed business owner when you could help yourself MASSIVELY by hiring some part-time help :) 



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