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Episode 180 - she's just getting started podcast

Ep 180: Is starting a business actually for you?

Mar 30, 2023


Have you been considering starting a business, but don’t really know if it’s for you? Have you been going back & forth on this for a long time - or maybe are you one that just came up with this idea? Today I share with you 5 important things to think through and 2 things you can do to pursue the idea a little more before actually starting your business.

Here’s the 5 things you should consider when trying to decide if you should pursue starting your new product/service/coaching/consulting business:
1 - are you actually passionate about it? You need passion to get through the tough days.
2 - are you willing to learn a new skill, such as business ownership? You need to be able to get through the early learning curve.
3 - are you willing to spend time on this, even if you have a part-time job, full-time career or personal commitments? Yes, this will take time & you have to sacrifice your extra time for this if you really want to pursue it.
4 - are you willing to not make a profit for a while? You need to be prepared to not make money for a while …and if you can’t afford to have this not make any actual income, it may not be fore you. Although you could start a service business & work as you want, without spending money on a website & other things. You could simply offer a service yourself.
5 - are you willing to put yourself out there? You have to be willing to be proud of what you have created or what you selling & not be so embarrassed to share it with the world!

I also share 2 ways you can get help while in this time of deciding whether a business is right for you:
1 - grab my best business idea workbook HERE. This will help you match up your passions, skills & experience into some business ideas that are good for you, THEN go through a narrow down & validate process so you can discover the VERY BEST ONE for you.
2 - grab my mini business plan workshop HERE. Finally get that big vision out of your head and onto a MODERN business plan that is simple & fun, and maps out all the important aspects of your idea so you can start seeing all that it will take (including costs) to kick-start your business dream when you are ready!





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